The food at Ko Coffee is all made in the café and prepared for you every morning with fresh ingredients— guaranteeing best tasting food and sandwiches every day. Made with love from our team.



We serve fresh croissants and pastries delivered bright and early every morning.


Here at Ko we love bagels so much that we get them courriered in fresh every morning from the best bagel shop in England, Beigel Bake. We have classics such as salmon and cream cheese and a range of hot bagels to take away with your delicious coffee. Granola and healthy breakfast pots with different fruits and honey will also be available throughout the day.


Bagels and more bagels. 



From the time the door opens, we’ll have a selection of homemade cakes, brownies and muffins for the morning sweet tooth. Our selection of treats are ever changing — and we’re just as excited as the rest to try a new batch of cakes and tarts ever so often with a few favourites sticking around longer!